Citadel API endpoints and schemas are listed below. If you are looking for user-facing integration on web or mobile, see Bridge docs.

API Endpoints

Getting and managing tokens for Citadel BridgeBridge - The client-side component that your users will interact with in order to link their payroll accounts to Citadel and allow you to access their accounts via the Citadel API.

Create Bridge Token
Update Bridge Token
Exchange public_token for access_token
Delete Link and data

Search employers in Citadel database

Search mapped companies
Search companies using autocomplete


List payroll providers by product_type


Create an order
Retrieve an order
Cancel an order

Data update

Refresh data
Get refresh task status

Employment history

Get employment history

Employment and income

Get income and employment report

Direct deposit switch

Get direct deposit switch report

Paycheck linked loans

Get paycheck linked loan report

Employee directory

Get employee directory

Payroll history

Create company payroll report request
Get company payroll report

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